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Located in the small town of Whittlesea in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Ekuphumleni High School is one of the top performing schools in the district despite being a no-fee public school within a community that has high unemployment and largely survives on social grants.

While they face many challenges, their students always come first so that they may achieve the marks needed to be able to go on to study at university. In this way the school believes they can break the cycle of poverty in their community and allow young people to achieve their dreams.


Ekuphumleni High School strives to prepare its learner’s within a system  of Christian values, while respecting other beliefs, and endeavours to ensure that its learners are well adjusted with academic and social skills, values, attitudes and good work ethics so that they become good deserving citizens.

The School By Numbers

Average of 75 Pupils/Classroom
1400+ Learners
83% Ekuphumleni matric pass rate over the last 5 years
70% of students go on to study
43 Teachers
64% Eastern Cape matric pass rate over the last 5 years




Whether monetary or with materials, all donations are welcome. Resources such as second hand laptops or monitors, books for the learners or stationary will always be needed. Get in contact with the school or Samara Foundation if you would like to make a donation.


Everyone at Ekuphumleni loves getting to know new people and being able to learn from others – and share what they know. Whether from overseas or locally, your time and energy are valuable and could make a real difference in the students’ lives.


Ekuphumleni is working with the Umckaloabo Foundation and Samara Foundation in creating an exchange between South Africa and Germany – if you are a school who would like to partner with Ekuphumleni, you can contact the school or Samara Foundation.

Samara: www.samara.org.za