German-South African partnership to bear fruit

Ekuphumleni High School was pleased to receive visitors from the Umckaloabo Foundation this September.

For two days, the German visitors and the community around Ekuphumleni came together and shared in the vision that the students, teachers and the principal Mr Lizwe Ngalo have for the school. As a culmination of this and as a symbol for a long lasting impact that the Africa Run project hopes to make for many generations of students, everyone came together on the final day for a tree planting.

50 fruit trees were planted during the course of the morning with the aim to also make a practical contribution to Ekuphumleni’s school lunch programme in the coming years.

“The visit and tree planting was a great success,” says Louisa Feiter of Samara Foundation, one of the partners on the Africa Run project. “It was beautiful to see everyone coming together to make this happen and shows that everyone is committed to this project.”

Ekuphumleni High School and Samara Foundation would like to thank everyone that made the tree planting possible – from the parents and teachers who worked hard to make sure everything was ready, to the individuals that donated the materials needed to make it a reality and finally to the visitors, students and the Umckaloabo Foundation for making it happen.