Rest in Peace, Lizwe Ngalo

The community of Ekuphumleni is mourning the immense loss of their principal, Lizwe Ngalo, who passed away over Christmas.

Lizwe dedicated himself whole-heartedly to education and to the success of Ekuphumleni. But more than that, he was a mentor, father-figure and visionary with big dreams for his students. His passing has left a large hole in the fabric of the school.

However, as untimely as his passing is to us, the life he lived was lived to the full. Lizwe has touched countless lives and achieved things that others would take lifetimes to achieve. We are immensely grateful for what he has brought us; his dedication, integrity, his vision for the school and the students. We will work hard to continue achieving this and in this way honour his memory.

Go with love and in peace, you will be part of our hearts forevermore.