All classes back at Ekuphumleni

Ekuphumleni is back in full swing. Since June, when the matric students returned, other classes have been re-joining at different intervals and since the beginning of September all students are back.

With classes of only 20 students at a time allowed (meaning that grades have to split into as many as 10 classes at a time), Ekuphumleni has implemented a rotation system to deal with the lack of space. Each grade returns for one day a week and receives work to do at home for the remaining days.

Teachers are working around the clock, teaching the same lesson multiple times a day, while also supporting the matric students who began their mock exams on the 14th September.

However, the dedication and energy hasn’t changed and students have taken the new way of operating in their stride.

“The matric students are giving us thumbs up when they come out of the exams,” says Mr Ngalo, the principal of Ekuphumleni. “While we lost a lot of time at the beginning of lockdown, we have been able to catch up and the students feel confident going into these exams.”

We wish the matric students continued success with their mock exams and thank the teachers for their hard work in getting them ready in time!