Africa Run 2019

Ekuphumleni is proud to be the recipient of the 2019 Africa Run fundraiser, hosted by the Umckaloabo Foundation and supported by Samara Foundation and individual runners all over the world.

Africa Run is an annual fundraiser in which individual runners sign up – from Germany to South Africa to America – to raise funds for every kilometre that they run. These funds are matched by a German company, Schwabe, and then invested at a school – this year Ekuphumleni High School – to improve infrastructure and support the development of students and teachers.

Ekuphumleni feels honoured to be chosen and is very grateful for the opportunities it has opened for them. Through this initiative the headmaster, Mr Lizwe Ngalo, also had the opportunity to visit Germany to present Ekuphumleni High School and meet the funders.

While he was there he visited some schools in Germany and was impressed by the level of education. “There is a lot we can learn from our German counterparts in terms of best practices,” he says, “and the experience we are going to gain will help us move forward.”

We hope that through this initiative we can create further future exchanges between South Africa and Germany and continue to learn from each other.

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